Patient Lending
Lending for the financial health of patients, providers and community banks

Epic River solves one of the biggest challenges facing healthcare providers today: securing compensation. This alone isn’t what sets us apart. It’s how we facilitate compensation for providers that makes the real difference. Our unique offering allows providers to offload nonpayment risk by partnering with banks and credit unions to create low-interest patient loan agreements.

The result: providers maintain their cash flow so they can focus on patient care, patients are able to pay-off their medical bills through affordable monthly payments, and community banks and credit unions benefit from new loan opportunities.

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Did You Know?

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borrowed in America to cover health care costs in 2018
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borrowed in America to cover health care costs in 2018
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of patient responsibility is never recovered by the healthcare providers
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Lender Benefits

  • Incredibly low customer acquisition cost
  • Expanded customer base
  • Low-risk, high-yield loans
  • Meaningful opportunity to help local community members and medical providers
  • Lots of Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) brownie points!


Start generating new healthcare loan opportunities today.

How it Works for the Lender

  • Financial institution joins the Epic River network
  • Epic River works with the financial institution to generate leads and pursue healthcare providers in their local community
  • Healthcare providers sign up for a new deposit account at the bank and line of credit
  • Loans are originated on the Epic River system and Patients select their terms and complete the loan process
  • The bank onboards the loan and services it as any other consumer loan
  • Patients make their monthly payments
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Loan Origination Partners

Epic River integrates seamlessly with the most widely used Electronic Medical Record and Healthcare billing systems:
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