Health Providers
Restoring provider cash flow through affordable, community bank issued patient loans

As a healthcare provider, you are all too often put in the difficult situation of balancing patient care with the need to recoup payment for your services. We know that patient payment is critical to maintaining a viable practice and continuing to be able to provide needed patient care. This predicament is fundamentally at odds with why you joined the profession in the first place. Epic River rights this imbalance by enabling you to secure compensation in full, up-front while establishing affordable patient payment plans via local banks and credit unions.

Provider Benefits

  • Full and immediate compensation
  • Guaranteed loan qualification for ALL patients
  • Shift of billing and collection responsibilities to the bank
  • Ability to focus on patient care rather than billing and payments
  • “Do no harm” by empowering patients to set their own payment terms
  • Free to providers, Epic River is compensated by the banks

How it Works for Providers

Providers opt in to the Epic River patient payment program—there are no costs or associated fees for joining
Providers promote the Epic River patient payment solution to those in need of a fair and affordable payment option for their medical bills
Epic River connects interested patients with local banks and credit unions for financing
Patients are empowered to choose their monthly payment amount and loan duration
Epic River lenders compensate providers in-full, up-front for each patient enrolled in the Epic River payment program
Patients make monthly payments to the bank or credit union lender in the agreed upon amount
Patients successfully pay-off their medical debt because they set the terms
Epic River Patient Lending has drastically improved our collection rates – it lets us go outside of our payment policies on setting up long term payment plans, and it gives patients a new resource without utilizing a credit card or damaging their credit.
— Lori Miller, Senior Financial Representative, Yuma District Hospital and Clinics
We love the program. Since transitioning our internal accounts to the Epic River program, we have lowered our DAR by 8-10 days.
— Ann Wyatt, AR Specialist, Telluride Regional Medical Center
A patient called 5 minutes before lunch and I was able to get to the website, create the loan, and send the document to the patient to sign electronically. All without requiring the patient to return to the office.
— Kayla Paulson, Billing/Insurance Coordinator, Gonyon Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery
Phenomenal. This is one of the best revenue tools we have implemented. The Patient Account Staff considers Epic River one of the top improvements in the last 5 years.
— Bernie Hergott, Director of Patient Financial Services, Columbus Community Hospital
It has always been a challenge to maintain a healthy cash flow as a healthcare provider in a rural community. Epic River's Patient Lending program has become an essential tool in maintaining consistent revenue.
— Craig Stukey, Senior Accountant, Coffey Health
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