Financial Institutions
Secure new loans, provide enhanced customer experiences and support your community

For community banks and credit unions maintaining relevance in today’s highly competitive, global financial market is becoming increasingly more difficult. That’s where the Epic River program comes in. We offer local financial institutions a low-risk revenue stream and valuable community service opportunity in the form of new patient and small business loans.


Epic River’s digital suite of loan solutions makes it easy for financial institutions to add patient and small business lending to their portfolio while streamlining the loan process. Community banks and credit unions benefit from new fee income and your customers benefit from an enhanced overall experience. By providing much-needed loans to local businesses and community members and cash flow to local healthcare systems, your organization can support the vitality of your community.

sba lending


New loan

Faster time to
loan close

Higher yield

Improved fee

Financially healthier

SBA Lending

An online lending experience to meet the expectations of your commercial customers

The need for business loans and lines of credit is at an all time high. Epic River offers end-to-end digital SBA loan processing and remote online Notary options for community banks and credit unions. Using the Epic River platform streamlines the lending process so your financial institute can expedite lines of credit, commercial mortgages and SBA loans for borrowers of all types while providing your commercial customers with a superior lending experience.

Patient Lending

Be the healthy financial link between patients and providers

The high cost of healthcare in the U.S. continues to be a problem for healthcare providers and patients. The Epic River program provides an opportunity for your financial institution to offer low-risk patient loans that benefit patients, providers and your bottomline.


Everyone is a proponent… providers because they receive timely compensation for their services, patients because it allows them to successfully pay their medical bills on terms they can afford and community banks and credit unions because it generates new revenue and goodwill within the community. As part of the Epic River program, we work with your financial institution to identify and connect with local healthcare providers that would benefit from the program.

By using the Epic River platform we were able to help our borrowers get their forgiveness applications completed, submitted and most importantly approved by the SBA.

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