What We Do
Delivering innovative software solutions to streamline and accelerate online lending

The Platform@EpicRiver is the most intelligent and comprehensive digital lending solution for financial institutions. Our cloud-hosted software facilitates the transition to online loan closings, effectively streamlining and expediting the capture of new loans while improving the borrower experience.

Epic River’s platform enables financial institutions to provide an incentive for its lenders to stop their reliance on paper and ensure borrowers can close their loans wherever they are and whenever they want.

Our integrated electronic loan origination and closing platform includes:

patient financing services

The Epic River program is in use by over 1,500 financial institutions nationwide.

How it Works

Local businesses who have signed up with their bank or credit union make financing available to their customers

Epic River then uses enhanced ID Verification Technology to ensure the applicant is who they say they are
The borrower selects their desired financing package
The borrower eSigns all necessary documents
The bank or credit union gets a new consumer loan and helps improve the strength of one of their local businesses.
Epic River verifies and collects all information required by the financial institution

Loan Application

Loan applications require varying types of information based on the loan type. Epic River’s Intelligent Data Capture Workflow automatically identifies loan specific requirements and requests the pertinent information from the applicant whether the information requires 3rd party integration, data entry or document upload. All applicant data entry is validated and verified for accuracy.

Document upload will request specific documents and document types (e.g.such as financial statements, pay stubs, payroll reports etal.) These documents are all securely stored in the Platform@EpicRiver for access and review by authorized lenders as well as direct integration to bank document imaging systems.

  • Streamlined and expedited loan application and closing process
  • Enhanced experience for loan applicants
    Integration to all major document storage systems (OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox)
  • Document association and storage together with all loan documents and disclosures.
  • Uninterrupted workflow and ease of adoption because we integrate with the tools you are already using.
  • Unlimited access to Aprio, the leading CPA Advisory Firm, for loan education and support in choosing a loan option.

ID Verification

Epic River’s industry leading, advanced identity verification technologies ensure that all signers are who they say they are. We use a multi-factor authentication system that combines ID Document Validation, Biometrics and Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) to provide the highest level of security.The Platform@EpicRiver is built to support the needs of our existing and future solutions. Advanced ID verification provides protection for all parties, removing liabilities now and in the future.

ID Document Validation – Forensic authentication against a valid, government issued ID such as a driver’s license, passport, birth certificate or citizenship certificate. We compare applicant supplied data, such as name, date of birth, address, and SSN with other trusted databases to determine if there is a match.

Biometric Authentication – Facial recognition authentication against the provided government-issued ID paired with a signer selfie taken using Epic River’s patent pending liveness detection technology for spoofing prevention.

Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) – Dynamic, knowledge-based authentication utilizing questions formulated from public and proprietary data sources. Epic River’s KBA is in full compliance with MISMO Remote Online Notarization Standards.

  • Meets stringent SBA requirements for online loan closing
  • More accurate than bank staff at detecting fraud
  • Allows at-home and after-hours closings with confidence
  • Does not rely on email address nor out-of-wallet information that is commonly shared amongst multiple individuals


Due to the complicated, confidential and sensitive nature of the documents being maintained, eSign in banking and healthcare is a much more complicated effort than in other less regulated industries. eSign provides a proven solution and the peace of mind lenders and healthcare providers are looking for to confidently make the shift from paper to digital.

Epic River’s eSign enables secure, digital document signing for financial institutions, borrowers, and account holders in the same way it provides the necessary assurances for healthcare providers and their patients. eSign has the added benefit of tracking and distinguishing between all consumer, commercial and governmental entities throughout the signing process.

  • Streamlines and expedites the loan application and closing process
  • Provides an enhanced experience for loan applicants
  • Speeds time to close
    Allows eSign of any document, agreement or contract
  • Handles very complex commercial loan entity and capacity conditions


eDelivery is Epic River’s end-to-end, tamper proof electronic document exchange solution. Unlike traditional paper exchange, eDelivery provides secure document and disclosure delivery, increases transaction speed and creates a verifiable digital record of all the documents associated with a transaction.

With eDelivery we can also request, capture and securely deliver to your team all customer documents needed for a specific transaction. With the added benefit of transparency, customers and your staff both have the ability to access and view essential documents throughout the process.

Like all parts of the Platform@EpicRiver, eDelivery was built for loan and deposit transactions but the premium user experience combined with enhanced security and audit tracking make it an integral part of all Epic River Solutions.

  • Provides lenders with proof of delivery and a verifiable digital audit trail that borrowers and account holders were provided disclosures and those disclosures were received and viewed
  • Eliminates the need to print and mail disclosures
  • Improves annual disclosure process for recurring credit products
  • More accurate and compliant record of disclosure processing

System Integration

Epic River is integrated on both ends of the loan and deposit account process. The Platform@EpicRiver is integrated with the most common 40 document imaging systems used in banks and credit unions today. This ensures all documents associated with a transaction are securely and quickly stored in your bank’s system of record, enabling lenders to maintain control of and access to your records while benefiting from your existing third-party digital file storage.

  • Eliminates need for printing and scanning
  • Reduces overhead cost of loan file review and manual file transfer
  • Helps with safety and soundness of loan and deposit processes

Vault to Store, Pledge & Collateralize Your eSigned Loans

As more and more institutions make the necessary transition to eSigned loans, the need for secure, reliable transaction Vaulting and transferring is growing. Vault is Epic River’s digital Vault for financial transactions and is fully integrated into the Platform@Epic River.

Industry-leading encryption, audit trail, chain of control, and access management helps your organization ensure that you possess the authoritative copy of an eSigned transaction. Our digital certification and transaction processing will ensure that you can pledge, collateralize or securitize your digital assets.

By leveraging Epic River’s eSign, Notary and Vault, you can ensure that your digitally processed loans are ready for wherever you want to take them and however you want to capitalize on your assets.

  • Integration to store copies in your Document Imaging System
  • Anytime access to and control of your digital records
  • Ability for Epic River to transfer loan ownership on your entity’s behalf
  • Designed and priced specifically for community bank and credit union use cases

Get in touch with an Epic River advisor today to learn more about our Vault and full suite of digital lending solutions.

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