What We Do
Delivering innovative software solutions to streamline and accelerate online lending

Epic River solves one of the biggest challenges facing healthcare providers today: securing compensation. This alone isn’t what sets us apart. It’s how we The Platform@EpicRiver is the most intelligent and comprehensive digital lending solution for financial institutions. Our cloud-hosted software facilitates the transition to online loan closings, effectively streamlining and expediting the capture of new loans while improving the borrower experience.

Epic River’s platform enables financial institutions to provide an incentive for its lenders to stop their reliance on paper and ensure borrowers can close their loans wherever they are and whenever they want.

Our integrated electronic loan origination and closing platform includes:

• Best-in-class loan application
• Advanced Identity verification
• eSign & eDelivery
• Digital document exchange
• Remote Online Notary [Link to remote online Notary page]
• Vault archive

patient financing services

The Epic River program is in use by over 1,500 financial institutions nationwide.

How it Works

Local businesses who have signed up with their bank or credit union make financing available to their customers

Epic River then uses enhanced ID Verification Technology to ensure the applicant is who they say they are

The borrower selects their desired financing package
Epic River verifies and collects all information required by the financial institution
The borrower eSigns all necessary documents
The bank or credit union gets a new consumer loan and helps improve the strength of one of their local businesses.

Loan Application

Loan applications require varying types of information based on the loan type. Epic River’s Intelligent Data Capture Workflow automatically identifies loan specific requirements and requests the pertinent information from the applicant whether the information requires 3rd party integration, data entry or document upload. All applicant data entry is validated and verified for accuracy.

Document upload will request specific documents and document types (e.g.such as financial statements, pay stubs, payroll reports etal.) These documents are all securely stored in the Platform@EpicRiver for access and review by authorized lenders as well as direct integration to bank document imaging systems.

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How it Works for the Lender

  • Financial institution joins the Epic River network
  • Epic River works with the financial institution to generate leads and pursue healthcare providers in their local community
  • Healthcare providers sign up for a new deposit account at the bank and line of credit
    Loans are originated on the Epic River system and Patients select their terms and complete the loan process
  • The bank onboards the loan and services it as any other consumer loan
  • Patients make their monthly payments
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Loan Origination Partners

Epic River integrates seamlessly with the most widely used Electronic Medical Record and Healthcare billing systems: