Vault @EpicRiver

Store, Pledge & Collateralize Your eSigned Loans

As more and more institutions make the necessary transition to eSigned loans, the need for secure, reliable transaction vaulting and transferring is growing. Vault is Epic River’s digital vault for financial transactions and is fully integrated into Platform@Epic River.

Industry-leading encryption, audit trail, chain of control, and access management helps your organization ensure that you possess the authoritative copy of an eSigned transaction. Our digital certification and transaction processing will ensure that you can pledge, collateralize or securitize your digital assets.

By combining eSign, Notary, and Vault@EpicRiver you can ensure that your digitally processed loans are ready for wherever you want to take them and however you want to capitalize on your assets

Lender Advantage

  • Integration to store copies in your Document Imaging System
  • Anytime access to and control of your digital records
  • Ability for Epic River to transfer loan ownership on your entity’s behalf
  • Designed and priced specifically for community bank and credit union use cases

Get in touch with an Epic River advisor today to learn more about Vault@EpicRiver and our full suite of digital lending solutions.