Lending is Our Business

Epic River partners with financial institutions across the country to facilitate SBA loans. By using our digital suite of loan solutions, banks and credit unions are able to streamline and expedite the SBA lending process and enhance the overall experience for their customers.

Once a loan is originated, the Epic River platform manages every step of the SBA lending process thereafter. Regardless of the SBA loan type, Epic River makes it happen digitally with security, speed, automation and intelligent integration.

Hundreds of banks nationwide
have transitioned their SBA loan
process online to Epic River.



Your Step-by-Step Digital Lending Solution

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I’m sure glad we had ProSign to use for all of these loans! This week we approved over 350 PPP applications, totaling more than $50MM.
- Jeremy Gray, Senior Vice President, Rock Canyon Bank

PPP Loans

Epic River is the ideal platform for SBA lenders because our ID verification process and borrower information workflow meets the stringent requirements of the SBA for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans. And Platform@EpicRiver helps financial institutions and their customers navigate the complexities of this loan type–a critical need given the complexity of the federal regulations and need for speed in the wake of COVID-19. Epic River facilitates all aspects of PPP loans including Loan Forgiveness. Our PPP Loan Forgiveness Portal walks borrowers through the application process step-by-step. Using our platform, your customers can apply for a PPP Loan or PPP Loan Forgiveness quickly and easily. Most importantly, our PPP Forgiveness platform has full, bi-directional integration with the SBA for automated application and communication, saving your team time and ensuring no mistakes are made in getting your small business customers the forgiveness they need.

Loan Origination Systems

Epic River integrates seamlessly with the most widely used
origination systems in the industry, including:

Customer Loan Education & Support

To help your customers make the most informed SBA loan choices, Epic River has partnered with Aprio–the leading CPA Advisory Firm–to provide valuable customer resources. Through the Epic River Platform, your customers have access to Aprio’s extensive library of educational materials as well as one-on-one support from an Aprio advisor upon request.