Enhance the Value of Your Services with a patient-centric financing partner

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Leverage the Epic River patient lending solution to maintain or even increase your revenue while streamlining patient payment plans at no cost to your hospital clients

A Patient-Friendly Financing Solution that Supports Hospital Profitability

How does a frictionless patient lending solution that is free to your healthcare providers and affordable for their patients sound?

Epic River offers a streamlined alternative to traditional patient financing companies (PFC) where you maintain end-to-end authority over patient payment plans. Our future-forward, validated model leverages trusted community banks and credit unions to provide guaranteed low-interest, long term patient loans without the need for a PFC or the added fees and challenges they impose.

Challenges with business as usual...

Offering Hospitals Internal Plans

  • Short payment terms (~6-12 mos)
  • Patient reliance on high, compounding interest credit cards to meet short terms
  • Low propensity to pay hospital internal plans as compared to bank sponsored plans

Challenges with Traditional PFCs

  • Excess fees for patients & hospitals
  • Friction with providers from added fee burden
  • Patient confusion around communication with PFC vs. RCM

The Epic River Solution

  • Upfront hospital payments
  • No hospital fees
  • Longer, more affordable payment terms
  • Greater flexibility
  • Streamlined communications and transactions
  • End-to-end control
  • White label opportunities

The Platform@EpicRiver

The Platform@EpicRiver facilitates the entire lending process from loan origination, patient qualification and enrollment to loan management, loan pay-off and all bank interactions in between. Epic River’s solution can be white-labeled and marketed as [Name of RCM Company’s] patient lending program.