Remote Notary  Application

Online Notary for Community Financial Institutions

Is your bank fully leveraging its certified Notary Publics and taking advantage of new Electronic and Remote Online Notary (RON) opportunities? With RON now permitted in the majority of states, Epic River has developed a software solution to give community banks and credit unions a way to provide online notary services to its customers.

Notary@EpicRiver enables you to provide your customers with a more convenient notary experience while generating new fee income.

When you sign-up to be a Notary@EpicRiver partner your institution gains instant access to our secure platform where every step of the RON process is facilitated. From connecting your notary and customers via face-to-face video to advanced virtual identity verification, e-Sign and e-Delivery, Notary@EpicRiver expedites the notarization process for all parties.

Your financial institution will be added to our network of RON providers. We match RON seekers with available resources in their state giving your bank instant visibility and new business opportunities.

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Notary Public Benefits

  • Enhance your customer’s experience with the ease and convenience of RON
  • Expedite the notarization process
  • Leverage your in-house notary publics
  • Generate new fee income

Generate incremental income on each notary transaction via Remote Online Notary@EpicRiver.

Online Notarization During the Pandemic

Since the pandemic, we’ve seen a fast-tracking in the adoption of RON by states across the country. Secure and efficient technologies have been put in place and customers have grown increasingly accustomed to the convenience RON provides. RON is likely here to stay and become the predominant way notary transactions occur in the future.

Here is a round-up of where each state stands in implementing RON today.

Don’t leave money on the table. Generate incremental income on each notary transaction by signing up for Notary@EpicRiver today.

How it Works

1. The notary registers on  Platform@EpicRiver

2. A document is sent for remote online notarization

3. The signer joins the online notary signing session and verifies their identity

4. The notary witnesses the document signing

5. The notary completes the notarial act  

6. An electronic notarial journal entry is created and the recorded signing session is stored long term

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