Notary @EpicRiver

Remote Online Notarization

Notary@EpicRiver solves a major pain point for borrowers while generating a new fee income opportunity for your financial institution. Notary is built on the Platform@EpicRiver to facilitate notarizations required during the loan process and maintain continuity between the borrower and lending institution.

How it Works

Bank staff initiates the document signing process

The borrower authenticates and verifies identity

When a document requires notarization, Notary@EpicRiver is launched

A bank staff member joins a live webcam session with the borrower

All notarizations are completed

The borrower is directed back to eSign@EpicRiver to complete the signing process

The borrower pays a remote online notarization fee to the bank as a part of the closing process

Financial Institution Benefits

  • Generate new fee income on every loan that requires notarizations
  • Eliminate the possibility of a third party notary holding up your loan closings
  • Stay in control of the loan process from beginning to end
  • Leverage your financial institution’s in-house Notary Public(s)
  • The ease and convenience of online Notary enhances the overall customer experience
This added-value customer service provides an opportunity for financial institutions to generate incremental fee income on each notary transaction. A fee that can be rolled into the overall cost of the loan.