Financial Institutions

Healthcare loan opportunities for local financial institutions

For community banks and credit unions maintaining relevance in today’s highly competitive, global financial market is becoming increasingly more difficult. That’s where Epic River comes in. We offer local financial institutions a lucrative, low-risk revenue stream via interest bearing consumer loans for patients in need. As an Epic River partner you get to….

How it Works

Financial institutions join the Epic River network

Epic River works with your bank or credit union to generate leads and pursue healthcare providers in your community

Healthcare providers sign up for a new deposit account at the bank and line of credit

Loans are originated on the Epic River system and Patients select their terms and complete the loan process

The bank onboards the loan and services it as any other consumer loan

Patients make their monthly payments

The Platform @EpicRiver:

Your Step-by-Step Digital Lending Solution

Loan Origination Partners

Epic River integrates seamlessly with the most widely used Electronic Medical Record and Healthcare billing systems:

Lender Benefits

Start generating new healthcare loan opportunities today.