eDelivery is Epic River’s end-to-end, tamper proof electronic document exchange solution. Unlike traditional paper exchange, eDelivery provides secure document and disclosure delivery, increases transaction speed and creates a verifiable digital record of all the documents associated with a transaction. 

With eDelivery we can also request, capture and securely deliver to your team all customer documents needed for a specific transaction. With the added benefit of transparency, customers and your staff both have the ability to access and view essential documents  throughout the process.

Like all parts of the Platform @EpicRiver, eDelivery was built for loan and deposit transactions but the premium user experience combined with enhanced security and audit tracking make it an integral part of all Epic River Solutions.

Lender Benefits

  • Provides lenders with proof of delivery and a verifiable digital audit trail that borrowers and account holders were provided disclosures and those disclosures were received and viewed

  • Eliminates the need to print and mail disclosures

  • Improves annual disclosure process for recurring credit products

  • More accurate and compliant record of disclosure processing

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Perhaps no issue is more consequential to the future of community banking than technological innovation.

– Jelena McWilliams, FDIC Chairman