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How Hospitals are Successfully Collecting on Internal Payment Plans

The Covid-19 crisis left hospitals struggling with lower revenue and underperforming patient pay programs.  In fact, collecting on internal payment plans is one of the biggest issues, currently, affecting the nation’s healthcare facilities. 

Unsurprisingly, chatter from third-party companies claiming to have the answer to this problem has reached a deafening pitch.  Fortunately, there is a solution that benefits medical providers, community banks and — most important – patients.

What’s essential to remember, though, is that to truly be the answer, the solution must be clear, simple, and perform in the following ways:

  1. Significantly increase the collection percentage on hospitals’ outstanding internal payment balances
  2. Patient-friendly; not predatory or usury in nature
  3. Makes all patients eligible
  4. Includes transparent and aboveboard terms
  5. Pays hospitals upfront or in a timely manner
  6. Comes at little to no cost to healthcare providers

Upon researching
Fintech companies, it soon becomes clear, many offer some of these benefits — only one includes all.

Epic River, in Loveland, CO, offers the complete solution and has since 2005.  

Working with local banks and healthcare facilities, Epic River streamlines the internal patient payment process.

Epic River reduces one hospital’s outstanding internal payment balance by nearly 26%, annually. On a $10M balance, that’s $2.6M per year.

Additionally, Epic River’s Patient Lending platform provides healthcare facilities with money upfront, while benefiting patients and the community banks that serve them. 

Ask about Epic River proprietary savings calculator. Taking individual healthcare providers’ specific costs and balances into consideration, Epic River calculates the savings potential under the Patient Lending program. Fill out the form above,  or call (970) 292-5045