GO Digital!

Reduce processing errors and accelerate loan
closing times by e-signing loans with ProSign Online

What is GoDigital!?

Are your loan officers under-utilizing electronic signature and ProSign Online? If so, GoDigital! is designed for you. The program supports institutions that want to increase usage of ProSign Online. It is a six-week program that uses education, technical support, and incentives at no cost to you!




All participants receive a series of short educational emails each week with, either, short videos or ProSign tips and tricks.


Technical Support

Epic River’s technical support team conducts an audit to identify any areas of improvement and ensure your ProSign Online platform is set up in an optimal way.



Epic River provides prizes and raffles for participating members — announcement of prize winners is TBD.

Who Can Participate?

This is for anyone who has access to ProSign Online in your institution: administrators, technical support folks, lenders, and loan processors. GoDigital! helps all of your team members work comfortably and get the most out of using ProSign Online.

Week 1

Week 6


Kick-off call with participants

Email Sequences of Tips

Assessment for Incentives
    • Last Day: Wrapup call with participants