Partners That Work With Healthcare Providers

Helping your healthcare providers bridge the gap between patient care and compensation

55% of patient responsibility is never collected by the healthcare provider. 

Epic River is teaming up with local banks and credit unions around the country to offer an affordable patient loan program that protects the financial health of your healthcare clients and their patients.

The Problem

You know all too well the challenges your healthcare clients face in balancing patient care and satisfaction with payment for their services. And while your clients would like to stay squarely focused on patient care, the realities of running a solvent medical practice make this focus difficult. 

The Epic River Loan Solution

The Epic River medical loan program solves one of the biggest financial challenges facing healthcare providers today–non-payment of patient bills–while preserving the financial health of their patients. By partnering with local banks and credit unions to offer affordable, fixed-rate loans with flexible payment terms…

    • Patients get the care they need without jeopardizing their financial health
    • Healthcare Providers are able to restore their financial solvency through receipt of timely compensation
    • Community Banks & Credit Unions benefits from a new revenue stream while providing a valuable community service

The financial institutions we partner with guarantee 100% patient loan qualification, and timely compensation for providers. This enables your healthcare clients to stay focused on their patients. And their patients to stay focused on their health.

Why it Works

For Providers:

  • Decreased AR and healthier cash flow
  • Maintain patient trust and satisfaction
  • Save time and money on payment collection

 For Patients

  • Fixed rate, low interest loans easily payable online 
  • Self-selected loan terms 
  • Guaranteed loan approval and the potential to improve credit score through on-time payments

Who is Epic River?

Epic River is a patient lending solution that connects local community banks & credit unions with healthcare providers and their patients. Via the Epic River online platform, banks can provide fast and secure loans, patients can make easy online loan payments, and healthcare providers can receive timely payments from the lender for the patient’s financial responsibility. Like the rising tide that raises all ships, Epic River benefits all parties–from providers to patients to banks and credit unions–by providing financial stability and assurance. 

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