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What you’ll do here: “Find it, Fix it.”

About you:

  • You are logical, computers are logical, and you don’t understand why everyone thinks they are so complicated.
  • It makes you cringe when someone “hacks” into a computer on a TV show.
  • You step toward a problem, not away from it.
  • It only takes a second or two before you know if the website you found is going to help solve your problem.
  • You find solutions by eliminating variables. In your opinion the scientific method is the only method.
  • You think the word “crash” is worthless and provides no real information.
  • You don’t need your hand to be held.
  • Your first response to solving the problem is not always, “Did you reboot?”

The dragons you’ll slay:

  • Issues reported by customers or employees
  • vCloud and AWS
  • Occasional hard drive or power supply replacements
  • Printer problems (sorry)

You absolutely must:

  • Possess two years of successful IT troubleshooting experience.
  • Active Directory Knowledge. NOT Active Directory “understanding” or “experience.” We’re talking about real knowledge.
  • Have Google Apps and Microsoft Office experience. C’mon. It’s 2014. If you don’t have any experience with Gmail, Google Calendar, Word, and Excel, you’re probably not finding this job listing.
  • Apply independent thought. We are a fast moving young company. Everyone needs to be able to think on their feet and make sure we have the right tool for the job. Solving problems by committee cuts into everyone’s margarita time.
  • Be passionate. Everyone here believes in what we are doing, and we all work hard at it. We expect you to be the same.

Nice to Haves:

  • Prior experience with AWS or vCloud. Rest assured, you’ll be elbow deep in this stuff.
  • Networking. (You know, the kind that involves terminating cables and ipconfig, not the kind that involves meeting other people.)
  • You know what IIS is and how it works. You could teach a graduate level class on it, but then you’d have to kill them.
  • Bachelor’s Degree. You survived college, and we’re proud of you for it.
  • You’ve worked in a bank, financial services company or a company that deals with sensitive information. You’ve been in the trenches. You know the difference between security and pretend security. Pretend security makes you sick.



  • Setup environment and reproduce customer issue
  • Review customer configuration problems and identify solutions
  • Test installations of new software releases

      Desktop and Server Support

  • Install and upgrade OS
  • Replace the easy stuff if it goes bad (power supplies, video cards and hard drives)
  • Implement test and production Active Directory environments
  • Create virtual servers and manage updates
  • Install and configure software packages

      Whatever else you find that would help us get better at what we do

     Compensation and Benefits:

  • Competitive base salary based on experience
  • Health care, dental and vision insurance coverage
  • Paid holidays
  • 15 days paid personal leave
  • Opportunity to attend industry events and conferences

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