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New patient payment option in your community

10-Minute Fit Assessment

See if our solution is a fit for your organization through a quick discussion with our solutions team!

Healthy cash flow for you. Favorable payment assistance for your patients.

Would your practice benefit from an improvement in patient payment? Are you offering payment plans or medical credit cards that could be doing more for you and your patients? 

Do your organization and your patients a favor. Outsource your payment plans to Credit Union ONE (CUONE). We’ve partnered with Epic River to offer a flexible online patient lending solution where everyone comes out on top. We provide you with immediate compensation and your patients with favorable loan terms regardless of the patient’s credit.

Community Lending that Pays

Top 3 Reasons You Should Participate in CUONE’s Patient Lending Program

  • Immediate payment for your medical services
  • Favorable loan terms that make your patients happy
  • Community helping community
  • No fees to your organization

Patient Loans from CUONE

  • Guaranteed qualification for all patients
  • Low-interest, low-risk loans
  • Payment terms determined by the patient
  • Lending process managed end-to-end by CUONE

Supporting Technology

  • Online loan applications
  • Patient directed sign-up
  • Cloud hosted
  • No change to your existing billing system
  • Can be fully deployed by your existing EBO, early out vendor, or collections agency