Why Epic River

A provider & patient payment solution where everyone wins

Our Solution

Epic River turns the traditional lending model on its head for healthcare providers, patients and financial institutions alike. Unlike typical loans where lenders benefit from high interest rates and borrower penalties, the Epic River model is designed to benefit all parties when a patient successfully pays off their medical bills, rather than the other way around. Epic River partners with trusted local banks and credit unions to fund fair, affordable patient medical loans. 

All loans are:

Everyone Benefits

Healthcare Providers

Financial Institutions


How Epic River Measures-up

Payment Options Payment Terms Fees/Penalties Interest Rate Credit Approval Interest Cost for $4000 w/ average monthly payment of $100
Epic River Simple Interest None 10% Fixed Guaranteed $870
Credit Card
Compounding Daily •Confusing promotional periods
•Interest in arrears
•Impact on credit score
26.2% Variable 8 out of 10 applicants are denied $9,496
Medical Personal Loan Simple Interest (prepayment penalties) •Hidden finance cost in application and document fees
•Often monthly statement fees Impact on credit score
21.8% Variable 7 out of 10 applicants are denied $3,200