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We began to identify a significant need for medical financing within our community but found it difficult to create and service the relatively smaller loans while justifying the manual process that consumed a large portion of our overhead costs.
Jeff Franklin, Bank of Colorado
Epic River assisted us by providing a user-friendly, web-based solution that allows a provider of medical services to negotiate appropriate repayment terms directly with their patient, provide a quote to the patient even before the cost is incurred, and subsequently create the healthcare loan documentation – all from their office without any delay or paperwork submission. We have enjoyed our working relationship with MyLoans™ and find them quick to resolve issues and respectful in their dealings with staff. They are knowledgeable in their craft and able to use that knowledge without heavy reliance on bank staff resources for assistance in how to resolve any issues that arise.
Karla Porter, Home State Bank
My medical clients are thrilled to have another financing option available and MyLoans makes it so easy.
Melissa Grovijohn, Pinnacle Bank
I frequently receive phone calls from patients that previously have had or currently have a MyLoans loan and wish to use the program to pay for their latest medical bills from other providers. Unfortunately, I am forced to turn them away if the provider has not signed up for the program yet.
Jodi Hines, Bank of Colorado
[MyLoans has] drastically improved our collection rates – it lets us go outside of our payment policies on setting up long term payment plans, and it gives patients a new resource without utilizing a credit card or damaging their credit.
Lori Miller, Yuma District Hospital

A New Interest Income Opportunity for Your Financial Institution

  • MyLoans allows your bank to turn these patient receivables into interest bearing loans
  • All loans are fully guaranteed by the hospital
  • The new patient borrowers become new customers for your financial institution.


Get Paid Up Front for Outstanding Patient Responsibility

Patients make easy monthly payments to the bank over time, and you don’t have to reduce your bill or invest in new software.


Learn why MyLoans is the Only Option

MyLoans connects banking and healthcare to create low-interest loans for patients regardless of each patient’s creditworthiness.

  • Immediately Receive 100% of Patient Charges
  • No Fees
  • Fair and Unchanging Interest Rate for Patients
  • All Patients Qualify
  • Payment Processing is Offloaded to the Bank


Partnering with Medical Providers to Generate Loan Revenue

Increase your customer acquisition and interest revenue without additional marketing or staffing costs


Learn how to book guaranteed loans and recover all patient responsibility upfront without fees.

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