The Founders

Scott Mead
Scott MeadManaging Partner
Though Scott is best known for his mad donut eating skills, he also brings well over 25 years of software development and business experience to Epic River and focuses his time on strategic and tactical business planning. As the Senior Partner and Managing Director, Scott enjoys pouring over contracts, managing the company finances, and executing the strategic vision. As part of his role in aligning the Epic River staff to that vision, Scott ensures that the appropriate level of caffeinated beverages are readily available to all staff members, which is a key factor in Epic River meeting its deadlines.

Maintaining awareness of both the external and internal competitive landscape, opportunities for expansion, customers, markets, new industry developments and standards is no small task, but Scott is armed and ready. And most importantly, he sets the direction–not just to the bakery–but the overall vision for the company and demonstrates the leadership necessary to make Epic River’s mission a success.

Jeff Grobaski
Jeff GrobaskiSenior Partner
Jeff is the calm hand on the shoulder of chaos. He does not accept the status quo, but he does not rush foolishly into change. Whatever you do and however you do it, he knows software can make it better. Yeah, he’s that guy. As the Senior Partner responsible for Client Acquisition and Retention, he stands alongside Epic River’s customers and partners to make sure our work aligns with their interests. It can be scary to kick off into the uncharted waters of change and start a new software project or sign up for a new web application. He knows how that feels.

He sees our clients challenged by budget constraints and ever evolving technologies as well as internal and external pressures. His contribution to their sanity is to apply his software development and product management experience to have a successful and positive impact on their software acquisition, implementation and operation.

Our team combines creative, technical and strategic talents that result in software that our customers have come to expect. Let us introduce one of our best.

Team Member Spotlight

  • Angie Goss, Software Quality AssuranceAngie Goss, Software Quality Assurance
    When working in our software, have you ever noticed that randomly placed button that does nothing when you click it? We haven’t either. That’s because Angie, one of our key employees in the Software Quality Assurance Department, doesn’t let that get by her…or a new recipe. And while she loves to experiment in the kitchen, […]